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Tjong Fam Liong 
Head of Metal Works Manufacturing

Aliong, head of fast metal work manufacturing at WSA Construction + Planning, is known for his friendly demeanor and tireless work ethic. His strength lies in his flexibility and relentless pursuit of quick yet quality work.


Whether in the workshop or directly on site, Aliong is the go-to person for fast metal work manufacturing. His ability to adapt to various demands and work under tight deadlines, without compromising on quality, makes him an essential asset to the team.


Rain or shine, Aliong is always ready to be on site, working hand-in-hand with the team to ensure that every project is executed to perfection. His approachable nature and dedication to the task at hand embody the spirit of cooperation and excellence that defines WSA Construction + Planning. His commitment to growth and learning, combined with his unfaltering positivity, marks him as a valued member of our team, contributing to the success of our projects with his specialized skills.

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