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Hengky & Vincent Sumantri 
Head of Steel Structure Manufacturing

Hengky Sumantri, the respected head of steel structure manufacturing at WSA Construction + Planning, is our most seasoned team member. With a methodical and precise approach, Mr. Hengky's dedication to structural detail and calculation is unwavering. His commitment to maintaining the highest standard of quality in steel structure makes him a unique figure in our team.


Mr. Hengky believes that the structure must be sound, perfectly calculated, and flawlessly installed. His youngest son, Vincent, often accompanies him in site supervision, embracing his father's passion for excellence.


While his exacting standards might pose a challenge to some, it's clear that Mr. Hengky's approach is rooted in a profound understanding of his craft. His focus on perfection and unwillingness to bend principles ensures that every project aligns with the highest standards, contributing to the integrity and quality that WSA Construction + Planning strives for.


His influence within the team ensures that every steel structure is a testament to quality and precision. The experience and wisdom he brings to our team are not only appreciated but also integral to our pursuit of excellence in every project.

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