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Sarto Fahmi
Civil Construction Site Supervisor

Sarto Fahmi, our Civil Construction Site Supervisor at WSA Construction + Planning, was born in Wonogiri, Central Java. He became a significant part of our team through our Civil Construction Project Director, with whom he has a strong professional relationship.


Sarto's relationship with WSA Construction + Planning began when he assisted in renovating our CFO and CEO's houses, demonstrating his skills and commitment. Upon joining WSA Construction + Planning, he brought with him a team that has since become integral to our success, all of whom originate from the same kampong as he does. This shared origin has fostered a familial atmosphere among our workers, contributing to a cohesive and supportive team environment.


Known for his low-key approach, Sarto's true strength lies in his integrity and willingness to speak up. He ensures that our executives are always well-informed about the on-site conditions, promoting transparency and trust within the company.


Sarto's agility and responsiveness, traits he has adapted from working closely with Endy Bunnah, our Civil Construction Project Director, enable him to tackle any challenge that comes his way. He doesn't shy away from the hard work or complex problems, always ready to find the right solution.


In the fast-paced world of construction, Sarto's dedication, honesty, and quick-thinking make him a standout member of the WSA Construction + Planning family. His ability to treat all workers like family and his contributions to our projects are a testament to our commitment to excellence, accountability, and collaboration.

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