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Civil Construction Site Supervisor

Ratno, the elder brother of Sarto, serves as one of our Civil Construction Site Supervisors at WSA Construction + Planning. With his signature long, curly hair that adds a fierce appearance, Ratno's true nature is quite the opposite. He is known for his gentle and fatherly approach, leading a large team of construction workers across even our most remote projects.


Always ready for any task at hand, Ratno ensures that everyone on his team feels safe and part of the family. His quick thinking, resourcefulness, and meticulous attention to detail have made him an essential asset to our company. His calculative approach to building materials adds efficiency to our projects, as he always keeps an eye on what needs to be ordered, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and without delay.


Despite his tough exterior, Ratno's integrity, loyalty, and nurturing demeanor have created an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. His commitment to the well-being of his team and the success of our projects exemplifies the core values of WSA Construction + Planning.


In Ratno, we have not only a supervisor but a leader who understands the importance of community and connection in the demanding world of construction. His ability to blend professionalism with compassion makes him a unique and indispensable part of our team.

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