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Pak Darno_edited.jpg

Civil Construction Site Supervisor

Darno, the youngest brother in the trio that includes Ratno and Sarto, serves as one of our Civil Construction Site Supervisors at WSA Construction + Planning. Darno's unique skill set extends to driving our large vehicles, a responsibility he eagerly takes on when the regular driver is off, aiding in the transportation of materials within our projects.


Though Darno's gentle nature makes him a favorite among his colleagues, it's his dedication to precision that sets him apart. Whether working on a project in Jakarta or the surrounding suburban areas, Darno's eye for detail is unmatched. For example, when installing a wood deck, he'll go the extra mile to match the veining of each piece of wood, ensuring the sizes align down to the millimeter.


Darno's preference to stay close to home and family has never hindered his ability to excel in his role. His loyalty and willingness to invest time in perfecting even the smallest elements of a project are a testament to his professionalism and commitment to quality.


At WSA Construction + Planning, we value Darno's detailed-oriented approach, along with his helpful and faithful nature. He represents the meticulous craftsmanship that defines our brand and plays a key role in maintaining the high standards we set for every project.

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