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Painting and Finishing Supervisor

Aziz, who supervise painting and furnishing work at WSA Construction + Planning, lead his team with reliability and inspiring motivation. His talents extend beyond conventional tasks, as he also spearhead special painting assignments for our luxury projects, adding a touch of elegance and precision that sets his apart.


One of his most notable achievements was leading the team to complete the finishing and coating job for the Bird's Aviary at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. This aviary, built many decades ago, stands 20 meters high in the shape of half a sphere, with no external support. The task was as demanding as it was unique, requiring not just technical skill but also innovative thinking and careful coordination.


his involvement in our luxury projects showcases his adaptability and mastery in the field of painting, contributing to the aesthetic appeal and distinctive character of these high-end developments. Whether it's creating intricate patterns, selecting perfect color combinations, or applying special techniques, Aziz have the expertise to transform spaces into stunning visual masterpieces.


Despite the challenges he face in various projects, Aziz guide his team to finish each task on time, achieving meticulous perfection. His collaborative approach, combined with a keen eye for detail and a strong commitment to excellence, ensures the successful completion of complex assignments.


His leadership, determination, and shared passion for his craft make Aziz  invaluable member of the WSA Construction + Planning team. Whether tackling new projects or overcoming unprecedented challenges, his united front ensures that the job is done with precision and quality, reflecting the standards and values of WSA Construction + Planning.

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