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Fuad Ikhsan
Carpentry Workshop Supervisor

Fuad Ikhsan, affectionately known as Icang, serves as the Carpentry Workshop Supervisor at WSA Construction + Planning. Originating from Tegal, he brings the meticulous quality  to our team, a trait highly esteemed within our organization.


Icang's remarkable attention to detail has led him to be the closest to our Project Director Marcel, and together they've developed a shared passion for precision, verging on an obsessive-compulsive level of care. His agility, readiness, and steadfast dedication to quality even within short manufacturing timeframes are remarkable.


Leading our carpentry team with familial warmth, Icang is always seen with his trusty tape measure, so much so that we joke he takes it even to the shower! His detailed approach to carpentry work is unmatched, and his willingness to adapt to sudden client changes without complaint showcases his professional integrity.


At WSA Construction + Planning, Icang's unflinching commitment to excellence and his nurturing leadership style make him not only a valuable asset but also a symbol of the quality and camaraderie that we are proud to uphold.

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