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Budi Santoso
Furnishing Supervisor

Budi Santoso, our Furnishing Supervisor at WSA Construction + Planning, hails from Tegal, Central Java. His distinct Tegal accent not only adds a touch of warmth to our team but also provides a good laugh from time to time.


Budi's loyalty, meticulous attention to detail, and willingness to help others make him a vital asset to our team. Closest to our CEO, he embodies the spirit of collaboration and teaching, always ready to lend a hand and share knowledge, even with those outside of the company.


As the leader of our furnishing team, Budi played a pivotal role in creating WSA Construction + Planning's signature color, a unique shade that has become a staple in many of our interior furnishing projects. His towering and robust build contrasts his gentle and considerate nature, making him a beloved figure among the team.


At WSA Construction + Planning, Budi's contribution goes beyond his technical skills. His character and devotion to quality work not only set a high standard but also contribute to the positive and collaborative atmosphere that we strive to maintain in our company.

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