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Cyta Susilawati
Architect, Assistant to the COO

Cyta Susilawati, serving as assistant to our COO at WSA Construction + Planning, is an architect with an impressive background. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Brawijaya University, Malang, and has five years of work experience with a Japanese consulting firm in Jakarta.


Cyta's systematic and detailed thinking aligns perfectly with her role. Known for consistently being at the top of her class, she was discovered by WSA Construction + Planning during an urgent period when our COO was inundated with work and in immediate need of a talented assistant with an architecture or civil engineering background.


Her similarities to our COO are evident in her meticulous approach, quick-thinking ability, and commitment to excellence. These shared traits have made her a seamless fit within the team and greatly contributed to her success in her role.


Cyta's integrity is greatly valued by all at WSA Construction + Planning, and her future looks bright both professionally and personally. She is planning to be married in 2024, adding another exciting chapter to her life.

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