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Putri Yuliani
Interior Designer, Procurement Manager

Putri Yuliani was born in Lampung and earned her interior design degree from Institut Kesenian Jakarta. Initially joining WSA Construction + Planning as an interior designer, her innate talent for managing procurement quickly became evident to our executives.


Putri's previous experience in a budget interior design and build company trained her to be highly effective in material usage. Her ability to adapt these skills to her role at WSA Construction + Planning has been an asset to our team. Now, handling luxury developments, Putri has quickly evolved her taste and feel for materials, all while maintaining her efficiency.


Recognizing her potential, WSA Construction + Planning is currently mentoring Putri and planning to sponsor her in a master's degree program majoring in Supply Chain Management or Procurement, which she can pursue during weekends or through night school. This additional education will further enhance her already valuable skills.


Always ready with a good laugh and generous with her time, Putri brings warmth and positivity to the workplace. Outside of work, she shares her life with a boyfriend who is as ambitious as she is in self-growth. He works in a prominent tech company in Indonesia, and together they form a dynamic and forward-thinking couple, contributing to the collaborative and engaging environment at WSA Construction + Planning.

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