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Agnes Claretta Diputra
Architect, Assistant to the CFO

Agnes Claretta Diputra, affectionately known as Clare, born in Jakarta and raised in Malang, joined WSA Construction + Planning right after graduating with an architecture degree from Institut Teknologi Malang.


During her probation, Clare's natural talent for planning and project analysis was immediately evident. Her keen attention to detail and willingness to devote time to her work have endeared her to our CFO, who has since become her mentor. Recognizing her potential, WSA Construction + Planning is planning to invest in Clare's future by sponsoring her master's degree in finance.


Though Clare's tall stature and composed demeanour might initially seem reserved, she is, in fact, a very affectionate and gentle person. Her creative side shines through in her love for singing, dancing, and playing the guitar, often expressed in her cover songs and enthusiastic attendance at K-pop concerts.


In her personal life, Clare shares a loving and supportive relationship with her boyfriend, an architect and university friend. They've built a partnership rooted in common interests and aspirations, both in architecture and in life. He's currently working in Kalimantan and has expressed a desire to join WSA Construction + Planning after fulfilling his existing contract. Their shared professional pursuits speak to a deep alignment in their goals and mutual respect for each other's talents.


Combining creativity, precision, and empathy, Clare embodies the values and culture that set WSA Construction + Planning apart in the industry.

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