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M. W. Khabibi
Civil Engineer

M.W. Khabibi, a civil engineer at WSA Construction + Planning, is not only a dedicated professional but also a proud new father to a healthy little girl. His nearly decade-long experience in the field has allowed him to develop an extraordinary set of skills that set him apart.


Khabibi possesses the artistic taste of a designer, the technical acumen of an engineer, the economic calculation ability of an estimator, and a genuine passion for construction. These qualities come together in his work, where he thrives on-site, surrounded by fellow engineers, architects, and site workers.


At WSA Construction + Planning, Khabibi is responsible for our technical drawings and bill of quantity analysis. He ensures that everything is crafted according to design and lives up to its value, consistently meeting the highest standards of quality and precision.


Khabibi's journey within the company has been one of growth and achievement. Starting as tech support, he has proven himself time and again, now flourishing in his role as a civil engineer. His multifaceted expertise continues to contribute to the success of WSA Construction + Planning's projects.

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