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Herculanus Livenno Diwataru
Architect, Visual Designer

Herculanus Livenno, serves as our in-house architect at WSA Construction + Planning. Born in Sukabumi, he began his educational journey at Van Lith, Ambarawa, a respected school known for its emphasis on character formation, discipline, and spiritual values. Venno then continued his studies at Institut Teknologi Malang, where he earned his architecture degree.


Today, he fuels WSA Construction + Planning with his expertise in simulations, providing powerful visual presentations for our diverse projects. Venno's background in digital technology and his ability to create compelling simulations are integral to our presentation process.


A true enthusiast of Japanese culture, or "Wibu," Venno's interests extend beyond his professional life. He's actively engaged with communities that share his passion, reflecting a broader sense of curiosity and connection with the world.


Driven by a competitive spirit, Venno quickly adapted to the fast pace and demanding nature of WSA Construction + Planning's projects. His friendly demeanor, loyalty, and eagerness to learn have made him a cherished member of the team. He regards our CEO as a mentor, and his genuine commitment to personal and professional growth is appreciated and valued within WSA Construction + Planning.

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