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Adi Nugroho
Site Supervisor

Adi Nugroho, our site supervisor, stands as the youngest member of our team, embodying a success story that speaks to both talent and opportunity. Adi began his professional journey as a labourer in a shoe factory, where he was responsible for crafting the hole punches for shoelaces.


His potential was recognized by his father, who serves as the personal driver for our CEO. Upon being introduced to Adi, our CEO saw something special in him and decided to provide training under Clare and Venno to shape him into a site supervisor.


Today, Adi's role at WSA Construction + Planning is multifaceted. WSA Construction + Planning family humorously refers to himself as "a quarter architect, a quarter civil engineer, and half a clown," highlighting his growing understanding of architecture and civil construction, balanced with a lighthearted approach. His responsibilities include creating daily reports and documentation for our projects, as well as supervising materials as they move in and out of our warehouse.


Adi's diligence, loyalty, and ability to adapt and grow within the organization demonstrate his value to our team. His transition from a factory labourer to a crucial role in our operations stands as a testament to the opportunity and empowerment that WSA Construction + Planning offers to its people.

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