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Aloysius Wahyu S. Agung 
Chief Executive Officer

Aloysius Wahyu, our Founder and CEO, is a charismatic leader who is shaped by a rich tapestry of experiences and education. Born in Jakarta, Aloy embarked on an international academic journey that culminated in a unique blend of degrees, encompassing information technology, interior design, and mechanical engineering. This combination has fueled his passion for construction and planning, particularly in the realms of lighting and HVAC system design.


Aloy's skill in these specialized areas isn't just theoretical; it's proven in his professional journey. He worked for two years as an interior architect in Vancouver before returning to his home country in 2010. His tech-savvy nature and deep understanding of lighting and HVAC systems have become a cornerstone of our company, leading our team with unparalleled expertise.


Currently pursuing an MBA in Business Leadership, Aloy's commitment to continuous growth and innovation is unwavering. He has a keen eye for good design, with a particular love for lighting, making him an indispensable asset to our projects.


Outside of work, Aloy enjoys traveling, golfing, and music. An avid golfer with a handicap of 13, he also plays both the piano and guitar. His interests reflect a personality that seeks harmony in both technology and art, a duality that resonates throughout his professional achievements.


Aloy's passion, knowledge, leadership, strategic vision and ability to connect people continue to drive WSA Construction + Planning’s team forward, embodying our commitment to extraordinary design and execution. His multifaceted background may be unique, but it's precisely this diversity that makes him a visionary in our field.

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