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Andreas Bagas Yudanto 
Head of Project Management

Andreas Bagas, our co-founder and Head of Project Management, hails from the Special Region of Yogyakarta, where he earned his architecture degree from Atma Jaya University. Bagas's career path led him to work in various architectural and construction roles before finding his perfect fit at WSA Construction + Planning.


At WSA Construction + Planning, Bagas stands out for his extraordinary ability to work harmoniously with clients, vendors, and team members alike. Known for his politeness and accommodating nature, he makes the construction phase of our projects a smooth and collaborative experience. Clients frequently commend Bagas for his approachability and readiness to discuss their needs, and he is highly respected for his talent in transforming these discussions into tangible results.


Bagas's aversion to conflict isn't a weakness but a strength; his knack for finding common ground ensures that projects move forward efficiently, without unnecessary delays or friction. His genuine interest in understanding different perspectives and finding solutions that satisfy everyone involved has made him an invaluable asset to WSA Construction + Planning and our clients.


Away from work, Bagas is a devoted family man who enjoys exploring nature's wonders with his loved ones on weekends. His grounded and respectful personality not only makes him easy to work with but also embodies WSA Construction + Planning 's commitment to creating an enjoyable and productive collaboration with all stakeholders.

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